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Home Buyer Accelerator Program

Our knowledge and experience, combined with our passion towards educating Australians about the possibilities of investing their super into a property fund and getting a shared equity loan.

Below, we share some of our Home Buyer Accelerator Program success stories.

How We Helped James and Laurelle Buy Their First Home.

With no savings and no deposit to put down, James and Laurelle didn’t think it would be possible to buy their own home. But with their lease up and no suitable rental properties available, they needed to find a solution, and fast.

Although James worked full time and had a second job on the weekends, he initially didn’t think his combined salary would be enough to get them out of the rental trap. However, with the help of our team and the Home Buyer Accelerator program, James was able to leverage his superannuation and get his family into a beautiful new home of their own.

Watch the video and check out the case study to learn the full story.

How We Helped Tammy Build Her Dream Home.

When we first met Tammy, she had no idea that home ownership could be a reality without saving a deposit. A mother of two, who had recently divorced and was now single, her finances had taken a serious hit – she lost three houses through her divorce and was forced to start over. Employed by Woolworths, Tammy was fortunate to retain her job as an essential worker through the COVID-19 pandemic, and after viewing our education presentation in June 2020, she decided to take the next step

How We Helped.

Tammy met with our finance and analyst team, and completed a full assessment to find out her borrowing capacity. Once that was known, we started looking at blocks and building designs within her price range. Tammy was charged with the task of ‘land homework’ checking out suggested blocks that we had identified as a good fit.

“We received a call one weekend from Tammy who was filled with excitement. She had driven to a new development, where she had found the place she wanted to live. She started streaming on her phone live images back to us of Lot 1027, which was her favourite because it had a park across the road where her two children could play.”

Tammy operates a part-time start-up business from home, so we designed a multipurpose room that could also act as a fourth bedroom if she decided to sell in the future. A larger pantry was also added, as Tammy loves to cook. We understand that your dream home is unique to you. Many of our clients request customisations, and some even sketch their vision – and with the help of our flexible builders, we can make it happen.

The Result.

After some back and forth with the building team, Tammy’s dream home was finalised, in her dream location and within her budget. So determined was Tammy to manifest her dream home that she went out and purchased a custom letterbox sign with the number and street name of her future address. On the 30 September 2020, Tammy was approved and will now be the proud owner of Lot 1072 and her dream home.

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