Case Studies

Property Portfolio Accelerator Success Stories

Our knowledge and experience, combined with our passion towards educating Australians about the possibilities of unlocking their super to purchase investment properties to secure their retirement has seen us achieve some amazing results with our clients. Below, we share some of our Property Portfolio Accelerator success stories.

How we helped Ian and Nikki start their investment portfolio

Ian and Nikki saw family and friends suffer significant financial loss with their super during the global financial crisis. They decide to look for an alternative investment strategy to set themselves up for retirement that carried a lower risk. Through our Property Portfolio Accelerator program they have now purchased two properties … and counting! Watch the video to find out the full story.

David Dunnings - QLD

For me and my family, we are in a position where we want to establish our financial security in the long term. The strategy David put in front of us certainly allows us to do that. Now we are using our self-managed super fund, it’s given us a platform to see the possibility of retiring financially free.

David really knows the game inside out. He’s always been there when we had questions and he’s been an absolute pleasure to work with.

David and his family purchased this investment property in Baringa, QLD by leveraging their super – and it was tenanted in just 3 days!

Checklist book for buying an investment property


Buying an Investment Property with your Super

Super Property Solutions has recently rebranded to ‘Investing In Property’. This update represents the evolution of our company since its founding and reflects the company’s mission and future plans. While this is a significant change, our core beliefs haven’t changed and we will still be providing the same service to our past, current and future clients. We hope to provide you with more strategies and education on property investment for years to come. We look forward to working with you on achieving your goals whether it is your first home, first investment property or your wanting to grow your portfolio.